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Access to Members' Personal Contact Details

If you would like to view the PERSONAL CONTACT details of SVNers (IF they agreed to have such info made public)  and who are NOT current financial members click HERE: and then select "Request Access Code".

That will take you to a form to fill out - PLEASE give enough info in the comments field so that you can be VERIFIED as a true SVNer (or Family Member) as the code WILL NOT be given to just anyone/or all & sundry!

In summary:

1. IF you are a current financial member and after loging in you select /Members/Contact, you will see ONLY the personal (contact) details - if available - of 106ers who have EVER joined

2. IF you want to see personal (contact) details of 106ers who have NEVER joined but have kept in touch (and if such details are available, and if, the person has agreed to have such details made public), you must go to the 'SVN database' as per the above link. Once you have the Username and Password, click on Member Login at the top right corner of the new 106 site and enter the details you were given.

3. NB - ALL 106ers, financial or not can view MOST elements of the OLD and NEW 106 sites. IF YOU WANT TO VIEW personal details, you MUST either join or apply for the Access Code

4. The personal contact details of current financial members should also be viewable in the old SVN database, though NIL guarantees

5. This is the list of Current Financial Members.

6. 106 Inc. CANNOT make any guarantees as to the veracity or currency of ANY person's details in the OLD or the NEW databases - you will see only info that people provide; IF they provide.

7. Remember that one of the original intents of this Association was to provide, as possible, avenues of contact (etc) whether or not the person was a financial member.

Any questions or problems regarding the links/form/process, contact Elmer (Fudd) Varga or Dennis (Magic) Norman.

For all other queries, contact the Executive, or this link for general correspondance