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Are we becoming DEFUNCT?

Time they say doesn't wait for no man or beast and it appears this website is through lack of attention being passed over. I have a LITTLE news Geelong has NEVER had a Dawn Service on ANZAC Day. I have been trying for now on 10 years to rectify this anomaly and this year I have been successful. The problem has been the Geelong RSL they have since WW2 run a predawn service at 0415hrs and then go down to Point Danger to attend Torquay. to go to their Dawn Service. Last year there was 15,000 people attended and most from Geelong.
We are an ageing population and I wanted to use Eastern Beach where it has a natural amphitheater that is capable of holding many thousands of people that overlook the sea it's a beaut place for a Dawn Service.
This year I have been successful mainly because the council has been sacked and the Administrator have allowed this to happen. I have arranged a flyover of 2 RAAF King Air aircraft and with the help of the Vietnam Vets Geelong and the Geelong Catholic Priest Fr. Kevin Dillon, Its a goer.
For those that know me, I am not a Catholic but I sort their help and they are supplying the equipment to hold the Dawn Service for which I thank them.
If by any means you read this, I would love to see you at Geelong Eastern Beach 0600hrs the 15Apr17.
Bob thompson

Correction ANZAC Day is 25Apr 17

Sorry about that but like a lot of you I am now 86 years old so the memory is fading. Oh well that's my excuse.

Are we becoming DEFUNCT?

Bob, you old fart!
I think you have hit the nail on the head! We (the 106 site) are becoming DEFUNCT!
Whilst there are supposed to be 2 sub-committees running around - one to come up with the case for keeping the site running and the other to shut the site down, I,as a backroom boy, am in the process of preparing an 'archiving process' (burial if you like) for the 106 site that I will present to the C'tee and the Webmaster and my case will have nothing to do with EITHER of the sub-committees (both being a waste of bloody time in my opinion) to proposing that the 106 site be shut down and archived after the 50th Anniversary Reunion in 2018.

But whatever the decision of the then C'tee about the site, I WILL be retiring after the Reunion.
All the best you old bugger and send me an email once you're horizontal and let me know what's on the other side!
Elmer 'Fudd' Varga

First Dawn Service Geelong Vic

ANZAC Day was a shocker, the weather was just like the wet in Vietnam. I thought our Dawn Service would be a washout. The people of Geelong are great and from the surrounding areas. There were between 3500 and 4000 turn up in the rain and cold and shared ANZAC Day with us. The Sea King aircraft flew over couldn't be seen but heard. Great. I would love to see some intake to this our comment page. We are getting low on number but a few of us are still vertical. I wish you the best of health.
Kind Regards to all I like.
Just kidding