DENNIS RATCLIFF (Rats) Recovery driver 1968/69 | 106 Field Workshop

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DENNIS RATCLIFF (Rats) Recovery driver 1968/69

It is with sad heart that I write this Notice

216342 Dennis John Radcliff ex 106fdwksp 5 October 1968 to 23 July 1969 has passed away unexpectedly.


Rats Ratcliff.

Thanks for posting this vale. I let Ajj Lee and Sandy Tocock know. This site could do with some contact. If you read this or any other notice it will die if you don't contribute.
Bob Thompson

Rats 106 Fd Wksp

I am sorry about Rats I knew him. On reading his demise and that he was a member of 106 Fd Wksp and seeing he was their when I was I can't remember ever seeing him as a Recovery Mech at 106. I rang Sandy Tocock to check and he agrees with me he was at the Armd Reg. LAD. I looked him up on the Nominal Roll and yes it states he was 106. I am now 86 so unbeknown to me my brain might be fading. I can hear some of you smart Bastards making comments. Can someone let me know?