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Forum User Guide | 106 Field Workshop

Who can Read Messages?

The 'Forum' is visible to all – members and general public readers.  Clicking the Read Messages sub-menu bar will give the access needed for unrestricted reading.                                                                  

Who Can Post a Message or a Reply?

Posting/replying is password restricted to Members only via the member Login process.

The procedure is:

Top right of page:         Click on Member Login

On Login page:             Type in your Assigned User Name or email Address

Type in your Password (case sensitive)

Click Login button

On Logged in screen:  Click on Forum on the main menu bar

                                        Click on the Read Messages sub menu bar

On the Forum Page:         

New Topic:            Click on New Topic and follow the prompts.

Reply:                   Simply follow the prompts.

                     To read:                Click on the Topic Heading .

                                                  Read the first post and any replies


Can I edit my own message or reply?

Members may edit or delete their own messages at any time by logging in using the process described and finding their message/reply which requires editing or deletion.

A member will not be able to change any other entry.

Can non-members post a message or reply?

Non-members may use the form available on the 'Contact Us' page if they wish to have a relevant message posted on the Forum; any such posting will be at the discretion of the Management Committee.

What Message Topics and Content are allowed?

Messages may be on any topic.

Disclaimer: When posting, the poster agrees that while the topics and/or opinions may be expressed freely they will not be libelous, obscene, defamatory, or constitute spam; such messages will be removed without notice or consultation in accordance with the By Laws of the 106 Field Workshop Association Inc.


Use the Contact Us page for any communication with the Webmaster or the Management Committee.