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Good Turns

I am now 86 years old and I sometimes think of people that have done me a good turn, I can hear you saying how about the ones that did you a bad turn. I now days try to forget them.
Two good turns I often think of is; When I was on my way to Vietnam from SA, I like most of you went to South Heads Army Barracks where we were held prior to Flying out to Vietnam. There I met an old friend from 1st Armt Regt, he was WO2 Clarrie Webb. We had a chat and he was in charge of putting together the loading lists of people going to Vietnam aboard QANTAS. I came from Sydney originally, actually from Paddington but in those days if someone asked me where I came from I told them Rose Bay. I was slotted to go the day after I arrived so I asked Clarrie if he could allocate to give me a couple of days to visit relative’s. He did just that. Thanks Clarrie.
The second good turn was the night before I was being shipped out (29Apr68) a few of us, three, decided to go to the best night club in Sydney and have a slap up meal. So we went to Princes Night Club and had a great feed and a couple of drinks to wash it down. I was collecting the money from my friends when the waiter said there was no cost that the old ladies who were sitting about two tables from us had heard us talking about our trip next day and they paid the bill. We all went over and thanked them.
Just thought I would share my thoughts with you.
Regards Bob Thompson