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Norm Daley - Last Post

Sadly, I must report on the passing of our Mate, Norm Daley just after 4.00 am this morning,Wednesday 14 December.
As I mentioned at the Frankston reunion, Norm has been very ill for some time now and was admitted to the Modbury Hoepital Palliateive Care unit a couple of weeks ago when he became too ill for Vi to be able to care for him properly.
I have just received word that his funeral is to be held at 6.00 pm on Wednesday 21st December at Harrisons Funerals, 63 Golden Grove Road Ridgehaven.
Rest in Peace Norm.
Our thoughts are with Vi and the family.
Regards to all.
Frank Owen

Norm Daley - RIP

Lost a good mate.
I remember Norm warmly from 106 SVN and post SVN if it were not for him, I would not have got involved with the Assn. and would have missed out on catching up with so many!
Condolances to Vi, Kara & Sabs, Trent & Shaa and all his beloved family.
Fudd & Fran Varga

Norm Daley - Last Post

Further to yesterday's message; Vi would appreciate it if all 106ers who are able to attend Norm's funeral on Wednesday 21st would wear their medals.

Norm Daley - RIP

A very good, caring friend has passed away. He was there for many of us over the years. Out of the blue, the phone would ring and it would be Norm wanting to talk about our time together in SVN and how we were going now. We miss you Norm and your family miss you more. Rest in peace.
Best Regards,
Dennis 'Magic' and Pam Norman