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The U2 Spy Plane based in Australia.

I recently saw the brilliant Spielberg film, Bridge of Spies, the true story about Francis Gary Power and his exchange of the USA held spy Rudolf Abel. Gary Power was the pilot of the U-2 Spy Aircraft that was shot down over Russia on the 1May1960. This was the first time that the world was alerted to the fact that USA had developed such an aircraft.
It is not widely known that Australia allowed the US Airforce/CIA to operate such an aircraft from here in Victoria at RAAF Station East Sale and this was years before Power’s was shot down. I worked on the U-2 at East Sale in 1954. There was one U-2 along with a crew and wireless truck that was held in a hanger just behind the Tarmac hut. Read the rest on then Miscellany then scroll down to the article.
This article has been reproduced in a number of daily newspapers in Victoria. You will remember my recollection of this event was challenged. I took my discharge from the RAAF in 1954 so my working on the U2 was prior to that. Then I was A23434 LAC R.C. Thompson.