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Watson's Bay

Bob's mention of Watson's Bay brought back a memory. I can't quite remember how long I was there but it was a few days, probably close to a week in late November early December 1968. I, like everyone else, had just the one set of polyesters and was reluctant to get them dirty. As a recently re-enlisted Crafty, I was rostered for a couple of days mess duties (dixy bashing) in the Sergeants' Mess. There was a bloody obnoxious little Sergeant there, RAASC I think, and he objected to me being shirtless and with a mess table cloth wrapped around me to keep the soap and grease off my trousers. I seem to recall the threat of a charge but it didn't come to anything. That took up one or two days I think.
The next thing was a Cocktail Party in the Victoria Barracks Officers Mess. I don't think I'd ever seen so much brass in one place and there was one elderly Major who looke really out of place. Lt General Sir Thomas Daley was present and I seemed to spend a bit of time getting him and his colleagues drinks, to the point where he was hoping that his Doctor didn't see him. It was an interesting but not really enjoyable prelude to the two and a half day C130 flight from Richmond to darwin, overnight booze up; Darwin to Butterworth, another overnight booze up and then a short trip to Vung Tau with some mail and nurses who would be RTA with a converted casevac flight.